Diamonds truly, are forever


Diamonds are the only gemstones that never scratch, so even after 100 years they look brand new when cleaned. Nothing can scratch a diamond except another diamond!

Diamonds are very strong and hardwearing. This makes them ideal for everyday wear as they endure a lifetime and more.

Another benefit of diamonds is their colourless appearance. It means they’re a very versatile accessory because they match any style and skin tone.

As a matter of fact we don’t know how old a diamond is when a customer brings it in, unless it’s an old style cut. Diamonds are the only gemstones that can be quenched immediately after heating, all other gemstones crack into many pieces. This makes repairing diamond jewellery so much easier. Diamonds do not have to be removed during heat related repairs.

This is why goldsmiths love working with diamonds; they are a goldsmiths “best friend”.

As you know diamonds come in many different cuts. We can guide you to the cut that best suits your custom engagement ring.

White Gold and Diamond Engagement Ringand Wedding Ring Set. Brilliant cut centre Diamond with Halo Setting and Diamonds on the band.