His and hers wedding bands

You can choose matching bands, complimentary bands or go completely different.
One of the choices in South Africa today is a matched set — one band for her, one for him (and her engagement ring). These matched wedding sets:
Are a symbol that you and your spouse have become one.
Show that you have similar tastes.
Show that you value certain traditions.

However, many couples take the non-traditional route today and choose different wedding bands. When you choose non-matching wedding bands:

You can each express your individuality.
You can avoid one partner feeling pressured to choose a matching band he or she doesn’t love.

You can choose a ring that best complements your skin tone and hand shape and size, and reflects your personal style.

Just like wedding cakes and honeymoon destinations, different couples like different things. When it comes to wedding bands, it’s important both of you love the band you’ll wear every day for a lifetime, whether or not it’s part of a matched set.
Gold is the traditional metal for bridal wedding bands, but platinum wedding bands have become very popular in the last few years.

For the budget conscious, silver is an affordable option.

Yellow, white, rose, black? A yellow gold ring is the traditional choice. If you have a light complexion or your tastes run to contemporary, white or rose gold for him?

A polished finish is highly reflective, while a matte or satin finish has a softer appearance and doesn’t show scratches as readily (a jeweller can easily polish out any scratches that occur over time, though sand blasting etc will have to be applied again).

Diamonds and colour gemstones
Will you look at rings with diamond or colour gemstone accents? Is there a wedding band that’s already part of a set with her engagement ring?

Contemporary, traditional or somewhere between, wedding bands come in every style. Your wedding band should complement your personal style. What kind of clothes do you wear? What kind of art do you like? That will help you narrow down the choices before you get to our jewellery store.

When a matched set isn’t the answer
What happens if your discussion leads you both to the conclusion you should select wedding bands that aren’t part of a set? Or what if one person still wants a matched set and the other doesn’t?

We offer custom made bands where you and your fiancé can design a matched set you both love because you created it yourselves.

If you still can’t agree on a matched set, it’s time to compromise. Complementary rings — rather than matched rings — could be the perfect solution. We can show you many choices, but here are two options to get your creativity flowing:
Two bands of different styles but identical metals.
Two bands of different metals but the same style.

In the end, only you can decide what wedding band will make you happy, and only your fiancé can make the decision for himself or herself. It’s up to each of you to celebrate the other’s view — whether it’s the same or different.

Women’s White Gold Diamond Wedding Band with a brush finish and Men’s Yellow Gold brush finish Wedding Band