Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Sets

Important thing’s to remember when choosing your set

The wedding band

It’s important that your wedding band sits comfortably next to your engagement ring.

You can mix metals

The first thing you should know is that your Wedding Band and Engagement Rings don’t have to be made of matching colour metals. It’s fine to have a Yellow Gold Engagement Ring and a White Gold or Platinum wedding ring, or the other way round.

Combining vintage styles
It is fine to mix and match different vintage styles as long as the designs are along the same lines. Just try to avoid extreme differences in design style, to avoid a clash. For instance, a classic gemstone engagement ring can look great with a diamond eternity wedding band. But an ornate Victorian style halo engagement ring might not go that well with a modern wedding ring with geometric lines.

Diamond wedding band or plain band?
A plain band is beautiful, classic and traditional. However, if you want spectacular sparkle, choose a wedding band with diamonds. These come in two styles: with diamonds on entire ring or with diamonds on top of the band.

Solutions to engagement rings that don’t fit together with a wedding band

If you have an engagement ring with a large stone or an unusual shape, it can leave a gap between itself and the wedding band. This is because it pushes your wedding ring away. Apart from not always looking great, it could feel uncomfortable.

Solution 1 – fitted/curved bands: These have a slight V-shape or curve that gives space for the engagement ring stone.

Solution 2 – Wedding ring Set: Ask us to manufacture a perfectly matching wedding band and engagement ring. These come as a set and are made to fit together so that the wedding ring “curves” around the engagement ring’s stone. Problem solved!

To join or not to join?

This is quite a personal choice but I have found the following to make some sense:

Some people like the choice of being able to wear their wedding band on its own due to sporting activities or security concerns.

Some people don’t like the inconvenience of having to straighten or align their bands during the day and joining them would make sense.

Whatever your needs, we will gladly assist.

Two Tone Gold Men’s Wedding Band with a polished and sandblasted finish.