How to size for your engagement ring


Like I always tell my customers, fingers change and rings don’t.

It’s all about finding the average size for your finger, one that’s not too loose in winter and not too tight in summer

Sometimes it’s not easy, as some peoples fingers change quite drastically with the different seasons.

On a hot day the ring might be uncomfortably tight and pretty loose on a cold day.

Water retention also has a part to play with certain people.

Don’t rush to get you ring sized every time the season changes

As every time your engagement ring is sized it gets a little thinner.

Having a comfortable fit is very important though, as it will make the wearing of your engagement ring an enjoyable one.

We always do the first sizing free of charge (if necessary), so that you get the best possible fit from the beginning.

If your wanting to surprise her with an engagement ring that you have chosen, then getting her finger size might have to be done in a clandestine or creative way.

We have learnt a few tricks over the years which we will gladly share with you during the design phase of your engagement ring.

Broad engagement rings should also be a slightly looser fit as moisture tends to get trapped under the ring, sometimes leading to an eczema  reaction under the ring. This will clear up with not wearing your ring for a while. Sizing a little bigger can help in this regard.

A small percentage of the population are allergic to nickel which is sometimes used in white gold, in this case Rhodium plating (platinum like coating) will stop the nickel coming in contact with the skin.

This almost always remedies that problem.

Regardless of the situation, we will guide you every step of the way.

Regards, Pedro Da Silva