His Wedding Bands

Wedding Bands For Him

Gold is the reigning champion of men’s wedding band metals. Yellow gold is considered a classic choice, compared to white gold’s cool, modern look. A touch of copper creates rose gold’s warmth and retro appeal.

Rose gold

Rose gold is the hardest of the precious metals and might suit an active person or someone who works with their hands on a daily basis.

White gold

White gold has been the most popular choice for the last few years and has a medium hardness. It is also starting to get mixed with rose gold and creates a fantastic contrast.

Yellow gold

Yellow gold is still chosen as classic two tone metal when mixed with a different Colour gold. it is harder then white gold.


Platinum is a very pure and luxurious metal . This white, mirror-like metal is an extremely popular metal for jewellery. It is a premium wedding band metal. White gold was created as a less expensive equivalent.

A “pure platinum” band has at least 95% platinum, and should be stamped to indicate its purity, its high cost and durability make it an upmarket choice. Platinum also doesn’t tarnish, it doesn’t need to be polished often, and it resists scratches. If your ring is going to take a lot of wear and tear, platinum is an ideal metal.


A close relative to platinum, palladium also features a similar white hue and high shine. Although this metal isn’t quite as durable, it is less expensive. For men who want the look of platinum and a similar durability, palladium is a fantastic choice.

Rings crafted from palladium are extremely versatile and can take the wear of an active lifestyle.


Everyone is familiar with silver—and jewellery made from this metal is typically sterling silver. This is the most inexpensive choice for men’s wedding bands, but it also requires upkeep. Silver tarnishes over time and scratches easily. Daily wear will take its toll on a silver ring. However, if you are on a very tight budget, this metal is budget friendly.

Whatever your style or budget is, we will help you find the right wedding band.

Regards, Pedro Da Silva

Palladium and Rose Gold Men’s Wedding Diamond Band shaped and brush finish