Voted Best

Voted best manufacturing jewellers


It came to me one day, that I hadn’t asked my clients what they really thought of us. (28 yrs later)

So I decided to ask a very forward question.

We asked them if they believed that we are the best manufacturing jewellers in Johannesburg.

Well, to our delight!

Over 1000 of them voted a resounding yes!

So, it is with great pride and big, big smiles on our faces that we thank everyone that

Voted “yes”

We are very proud to state that we have started doing 2nd generation family

Engagement & wedding rings

Various couples that we made engagement/wedding rings for 25 odd years ago

Have referred their now adult children for their own engagement / wedding rings.

Nothing is more satisfying then making an engagement ring for a young lady whom you met when she was in nappies.

We couldn’t possibly be successful jewellers without your loyal and constant support,

For that we thank you from our hearts.

Regards, Pedro & team